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November 23, 2017

Why Do I Need A Mobile App For My Business?

Why do I need a mobile app for my business?

This is a common question which is running in many of the business owners minds, acctualy think it from customer perspective, Instead of ‘Why do I need a mobile app?‘ think ‘why should I continue doing business with this firm whereas the company in the next street provides all the services through a mobile app?’.


Two things that one has to concentrate for any kind of business,

Create new customers : In the beginning, creating new customer might be tedious as none of them are aware of your brand. Then how does high investing get their brand name registered in customers mind so easily? I’ll tell you …

Retaining old customers : We are living in a bad world and you can’t expect loyalty from your customer, don’t except that a customer will keep doing business with you just because he has done with you 4 or 5 or even 50 times. This is business and business matters service, not the loyalty, where they get better service they will jump for sure.

How does a mobile help you to build these walls?

A mobile app creates a great impact on your brand awareness, say if you are a start-up then you can easily compete with the any of the legendary companies in your market with just a mobile app. Creating brand awareness is made simpler with a mobile app, you know why? That is because there is a default thought in customers mind that a company owning a mobile app is a way bigger than a company which does deal with an app.

All enterprise owners must feel happy about it, where technology has unlocked a good deed for businesses. Sit and relax while your app is creating brand awareness day and night over the exact target audience. We have to accept the fact that Websites are little behind mobile apps.

Paper cup pyramid :

Retaining the customers is like protecting a pyramid made of a paper cup, needs a lot of concentration to build and after building protecting it is very delicate were even one small wind will break your pyramid and even if one falls there are a lot of possibilities for others to follow.

Mobile apps are dominating to the market standards, it is just because it keeps the people in comfort zone, so if you don’t keep them, then your competitors will.

I’ll give you a perfect example, e-commerce. Five years back when a mobile phone was booming if we wanted to buy a mobile phone we use to go to the mobile showroom, at that point of time all knew that smartphones are going rule the market, so many investors invested in mobile phone showroom, then comes the bang !!!

Online shopping, people started to like it and it went on a big hit, you might online shopping went to hit through websites, yes you are right but that is past mobile app era has overlapped the website era.

To the matter of fact, Mobile apps are performing a way bigger than highly responsive websites, Why do think legendary e-commerce companies are providing special offers to app users, It is because once you put your app into your customer’s phone then they will automatically keep doing business with you. Mobile app builds a wall around your paper cup pyramid.

By now you should have understood that a mobile app for your business is no more a luxury but it has evolved to mandatory.

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