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May 16, 2018
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May 10, 2019

User Empathy

Empathy is understanding and being sensitive to the experiences of others


“When you show deep empathy towards others, their defensive energy goes down and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in problem solving”.  –Stephen covey

Empathy is understanding and being sensitive to the experiences of others. Exarcplus is being able to understand without those experiences being explicitly communicated to us.

Our team developing software, it’s almost always going to be for or with other people. Because software development involves other people, empathy can be useful.

It can help us solve problems by getting to the heart of what’s important to people, both users and fellow developers. When you put empathy at the centre of technology, human connections become stronger.

On the developer side, these connections boost collaboration and employee retention. We make a better working space for everyone involved.

It helps Exarcplus to create better products because we better understand the people who will be using them.

Empathy has a logical place for user experience testing but can be found in these four areas as well.

We listen to others without any judgmental mind set.

Exarcplus get to know the feelings of other person, who is conveying there ideas into you.

We should have clear eye and body structure in order to gain trust.

Our team always be humble and know the client perspective.


Pick a prospective: user, customer, segment, and stakeholder


Feeling, Thinking, Doing, Hearing, Saying and Seeing

Empathy isn’t complicated its natural human response when you truly put yourself in someone else shoe.

We helps you to step into new ideas

Exarcplus helps you to understand how these alternative perspective differs from own.

Our team creates a collaborative stakeholder –centric discussion.

We uncover both potential gains that people are looking for and pains they want to relief from.

Good business will always demands an in-depth understanding of people, you can use empathy as superpower.

Exarcplus find ways come out of the pain points

We engage in empathic idea generation

Exarcplus will redesign the way you provide service or product.

Our team always think in the perspective of stack holder.

“You can use empathy mapping to drive your innovation to come live”.

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