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The spine of modern era – Mobile Apps

mobile apps

It’s the 21st century, where a life without a mobile phone is impractical. Mobile phones have become our second soul. In these days the regular mobile phones simply do not stand out, it is the age of smartphones. Our technology is evolving in such a way that it is making humane more device-dependent. Long gone are those days when mobile phones were only used to call and send text messages. Nowadays, these two functions are least used and people are using other functions to do their million jobs. Let’s see how mobile apps are making an impact on our daily lives.

the second soul The mobile apps

Travel apps:

Do you remember those days when booking flight or train tickets were uphill tasks, we either had to consult a travel agent or had to stand in long queues. Well not anymore, travel apps these days can buy your tickets in a jiffy! But travel apps are much more than just a booking app. It provides real-time information about the destinations, details such as hotel rents, weather status, places to hang out, etc. All these have made our life extremely comfortable, especially for the traveler who loves making instant plans.

travel apps

Social media apps:

Currently, social media platforms are a humongous hit. With the launch of Facebook, slowly other social media apps followed like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Irrespective of demographics, we these days right from the first blink of our eyes until to the last blink of the night are addicted to social media. When was the last time you accessed your Facebook or Instagram profile on Laptops and desktops?

Be honest!

Alright stop scratching your head, Since these social media platforms are being used on a regular basis it is more convenient to have social media apps, which saves time for the users to get socialized and to know the daily updates from all over the world.

social media apps

Banking apps:

Once Bill Gates said, “Banking is essential, banks are not”. Today, this statement is spot-on – thanks to mobile apps becoming paramount of our lives. Mobile banking became usual as smartphones became predictable. Mobile banking is growing popularity, the banking giants NatWest recently have reported that four million customers signed up to its app, demonstrating that mobile banking is far from saturation point and increasing in popularity year-on-year. It’s dominance have led to an uplift in the usage of mobile banking apps in the last couple of years.

Banking apps

Food delivery apps:

The revolution of the mobile apps have also struck upon the food industry, it has changed the way of ordering food for delivery. Online food delivery companies are expanding their choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap on their mobile phone. Customers these days are gonna love it for assisting food delivery service through mobile apps. Because you not only increase your sales but also the customers get hassle-less food delivery.

That’s what people are looking for these days. Isn’t it?

Do you know the advantages of having a mobile app for your food delivery business?

> Helps you to make direct marketing.

> Helps you to find new customers.

> Helps you to increase sales.

A good service & interface can bring customers back again and again.

Food delivery apps

Communication apps:

Years ago, people used to communicate each other with a call and text. Now, it’s an era of sending chat messages on different mobile apps and doing video calls. Social Messaging apps are quick and easy to use, it’s similar to that of text messaging on your phone but usually offering more multimedia tools and other additional features. Some of the most important Apps that are used for our daily communication are WhatsApp, Facetime, various other messenger Apps. These apps have replaced the usage of sending text messages.

Communicating apps

These are some of the basic Apps that we have focused on. There are many other apps such as online shopping apps, camera editor apps, news apps, music apps, navigation apps, etc. All these Apps have become like a spine of our lives and is catching up to the latest lifestyle.

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