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May 17, 2019
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May 29, 2019

The Rise of Mobile Commerce

mobile commerce

Mobile technology transformed our way of living. If you’re not yet aboard the mobile commerce train, now is the time to hop on. It has changed the way we search for information, consume content, and importantly our purchasing behavior. It looks very impressive when included in the conference slides and while presenting to the clients or bosses. But closer analysis tells us that m-commerce is big and fast-growing.  As a business owner, it’s important to meet your consumers wherever they are. With m-Commerce, we can now purchase anywhere, anytime on a device that fits in your pocket. This has created a huge opportunity for those companies that make m-Commerce easy.

What is m-Commerce?

Mobile commerce, also commonly known as m-Commerce, is a kind of monetary transaction that occurs through a mobile device. These devices can be smartphones, phablets, and tablets. This shows that m-commerce is a retail shop in your customer’s pocket.

One of the best advantages of m-Commerce is its convenience that provides to the consumers. Here, an end user can shop anytime or anywhere they want, which puts them in control and creates a better experience.

Here are the 5 benefits why owners should include m-Commerce into their business:

1. Swift purchases: Consumers are able to browse and purchase products faster through m-Commerce than in e-Commerce because there’s no need for data to be pulled from the server.

2. Better experience: With great speed, interaction and user-friendly interface & exclusively built for your m-commerce app, this platform has every chance of driving-in the potential customers to have a great shopping experience.

get good experience using the mobile commerce

3. Connectivity: With e-Commerce, you can only send emails to your customers. But with m-Commerce, you can notify the updates directly into the user’s mobile phones, which keeps them engaged.

push notifications in mobile commerce

4. Customized content: As a business owner, you can grab a lot of information about your customers through the m-Commerce platform, which helps you to create a better and more personalized experience for them.

deliver customized content in mobile commerce

5. Deeper analytics: With the data such as the customer’s age, locality, and shopping behavior, you can only display the products they love, which will encourage them to buy right away.

get accurate insights using mobile commerce

Worried about the far side of m-Commerce?

The future of m-commerce is limitless. Consider social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook… where owners are finding ways to advertise and are encouraging purchases on social media apps.

And now with the ability to customize the notifications, that goes straight to customer’s smartphones creates transparency between the customers and business owners. When business owners know exactly what their customers are, there’s an opportunity to make good sales. The only thing needed is the speed and convenience of m-Commerce, which allows customers to make the purchase wherever they are. Since mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives, m-Commerce can’t be ruled out!


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