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Application development is the door for any organization to enter into the modern era. App developers have certainly become the heroes of this era. Exarcplus has a great experience in application development for over 7+ years, as one of top app development companies. Our developers are proven experts in Enterprise app development. Smartphone application development is an art where the idea becomes reality. Our app developers build apps that build a business. Mobile development has unlocked a door to a new face of business. 90% of customers of any business use smartphones and all smartphones run with apps, and our developers are kings in the jungle of application development.

Android app development

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones. There is a wide range of customers dealing with android phones that is a reason to have an android app. These mobile applications make life more comfortable for your customers. Technically Android opens up a lot of features for its development. For eg, the camera of any android phone can be used as scanners and lot more. We technically do a ground research on your requirements and Our hardcore coders do app development more than expected, our app development has surprised all the clients over their Android app. To know more about our expertise in android application development, get in touch with our experts.

android application development

iOS app development

ios application development

Exarcplus is a well-known iOS application development company, It’s generally considered that iOS app development is complicated but we consider it as fun.iPhone app development provides a lot new and dynamically evolving features that can be implemented in the iOS app. Our iOS app developers are skilled and have embedded their skill into iOS app development. Our iOS App development team have developed applications for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The features of IOS in Mobile Application includes :

  Game Center : Is the Apple’s new Game Center social gaming service.
  Folders : Came with the introduction of a simple folder system.
  Camera & Photos : Also makes some enhancements to the iPhone Camera and Photos apps, providing support for High Dynamic Range photos, HD video uploads and improved camera controls on the iPhone 4 and 4G iPod touch.
 Bluetooth AVRCP Support : Provide full AVRCP support for Bluetooth accessories, allowing for not only play/pause control but also track navigation.

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Standard service and maintenance are fundamental to secure accurate and perpetual results. Exarcplus is committed for the maintenance and support of new and existing projects.

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Exarcplus team of passionate designer’s excel responsive design with high proficiency applications influencing our client’s customer love to adapt.

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Smart phone and Social media amplify our universe by helping in wide range of connectivity and swift information.

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80% Instants Reports

Exarcplus reporting is not concerned with matter, it deals with desire and relationships between customer and their clients.

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