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April 11, 2019
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May 17, 2019

Why should one love QR scanners more than anyone at the events.

need of QR scanners

Whether you are an event organizer or an attendee, long lines at the registration desk are always a mess. However, for an event organizer, the present day would be already a rough one. On top of that, the chaos and unhappiness on the people’s face caused by the long queues could be his/her’s bad day. Implementing a QR scanner check-ins is a buttery process in any events.


Isn’t it cool?


Still not blown away?


Here’s how it benefits the users and the organizers,

1. Just like a snap: 

Besides the lines for bathrooms, the registration and check-in queues are usually the longest in any events. We all know that we would literally do anything, except to wait! The introduction of QR-scanner needs not more than 10 seconds to check-in for an attendee.

2. Time and Manpower:

Time and Manpower invested in constructing and destroying the counters are humongous, you can cut down the cost spent on these by using QR-code check-ins.

3. One QR-code, infinite access:

There’s no need for other coupons and codes to be issued separately, a single code is sufficient to access all possible entries at the event.

4. Informative:

You can easily convey information to those users who registered for the event regarding the changes in events, timings, guests, etc in a single platform.

5. Go Eco:

As single QR-code can be used at each entry of the event. Say no to the printing costs and the use of papers for these check-ins resulting, minimal litter in the end.

Now, check-ins are no longer a difficult task for both organizers and attendees. Don’t let the long chaotic queues ruin your hard work. Use the power of QR-code scanners in your next event.

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