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November 23, 2017
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April 17, 2018

Mobile Applications vs Websites

Why choose Mobile applications over Websites

Mobile Applications vs Websites

By this time your brain should have realized the revolutionary changes what mobile applications has done to the market. You might also have noticed that your company website is not performing well as once it was. Today each business has a different target audience, a minimum of 76% to 81% of people are influenced by mobile app.

‘Having a website like yours will boost your business to greater heights’ this statement was true many years back. But now having a mobile app will let your business to achieve beyond your dreams. This is the fact at this very moment.

People use smartphones more than laptops this is the major drawback for websites and an important factor for this mobile app era. When people using smartphones more and you have a website, What will be the scenario? To access your website they will have to use another mobile app which is the browser and thinks when you provide your services through a mobile app.

I’ll tell you a clear example, Consider Amazon and Flipkart where Amazon has a mobile app and Flipkart doesn’t. Products and prizes are the same, and Flipkart has a mobile responsive website and Amazon has a basic mobile app. If this was 10 years back, Flipkart would have ruled the market but now, people wouldn’t have known about Flipkart. The one and the only reason is the mobile app.

It’s not only for the e-commerce, its applicable to all business, just think when a 10rs top-up business can make a revolutionary change in the market through a mobile app, then what about your enterprise.

Websites will not die, but it cannot sustain in the market among your competitor with a just website. I know its hard to digest but the real-time market scenario has eventually changed the face of business. Statistics say that an enterprise mobile application performs a way higher than a responsive website.

Hitting at the right target is very important similarly the medium which we use also matters a lot. If u take up an email marketing campaign you will end up in failure though it once very influenced at times. But now things have changed if you don’t get updated you will be lagging behind and watch your competitors grow in front of you.

Sometimes its better late than never, analyze your target audience and their behavior before coming to a conclusion on this aspect. It’s not all business will be successful in website nor in the mobile app, it depends on the enterprise and the target customers. Analyze well before adding anything to your cart.

The major difference between mobile responsive websites will help to publish general content but to do a specific job or provide few services mobile app is the only smart way to success. So end goals of your enterprise matters before making a call.

Mobile apps have built trust in people where people are comfortable in carrying their money in a mobile wallet. Once, people felt uncomfortable shopping online by just seeing pictures but now people are spending hours on filtering products and waking up till midnight to avail offers.

On the whole mobile apps and websites are special in its own way but mobile applications have more specialties and especially in analyzing the current market scenario we can come to a conclusion that mobile application is considered as the doorway to the future of your business.

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