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June 5, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Influence of Mobile Apps on Real Estate

It’s the 21st century, where a life without a mobile phone is impractical. Mobile phones have become our second soul. From social media to handling business, mobile apps have become an inseparable tool of our routine activities. A decade ago to purchase a home or finding an apartment for rent, people went to the doorsteps of real estate companies. Or people had to rely on newspapers to publish advertisements. Are these the same now?

How things have changed isn’t it?

The world is slowly transforming, transactions nowadays are just a click away rather than via paper money.

1. Cashless transactions:

Now it’s possible to carry out the transactions of worth thousands to millions of currency without even stepping out of your house. You can now rely upon the encryption banking software apps and websites to carry out the transactions with ease and safety. This cashless and digitization trends allows you to carry out transactions from to any part of the world without any physical presence (at location) or delay in time.

2. The wide reach of the audience:

With the arrival of social media and marketing apps, you can advertise your property to a broader audience for sale. There are many apps on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) to list your property for sale or on lease for numerous people to see every hour. You can opt for free Ads, and also for the paid advertisements that powers your Ad to land into the screens of potential customers. With the help of these applications, you can also upload the pictures of the property that you want to sell, for better transparency between sellers and buyers, also one can invite them to show the property that you want to sell.

3. Ease of Connectivity:

With mobile applications specially designed for buying, selling or renting the property, it is safe and convenient to provide the personal details for the Ads. The feature which connects social media or websites with the Ads allows the interested person to reach the seller directly, such that the builders and owners do not need to give advertisement in local newspapers or put up billboards to sell the property. With the chat feature in the application, you can also stay in touch with the owners/tenants on a daily basis.

4. Mobility, Geolocation, Instant notification:

MOBILITY, it’s hard these days to find a palm without a smartphone, thanks to the mobile internet, buyers/sellers can be online anytime, anywhere. GEOLOCATION, user’s current location plays a vital role in real estate apps, as it enables the app to show users the nearby schools, markets or hospitals…There are many properties across the place in the storages of real estate agencies and location-enabled apps help the users to reach the location directly. INSTANT NOTIFICATION, these apps are loaded with the timely feature, as it sends instant notifications to the house hunters when there is a new property is added or when the pricing goes up so that the users can instantly plan or make decisions.

In conclusion, Mobile apps are here to stay, the benefits are made extremely clear to those buyers and sellers, who use them. The actuality is that the real estate businesses should strive for the development in order to stay against the wave of new technologies and should adopt the innovations made, to be more efficient while the websites have become the norm, a real estate app opens huge opportunities and can move your business to a whole new level.

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