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Importance Of UX and UI for an App?

Importance of UI and UX

How Important is – User Experience and User Interface For An App

UI and UX these are two most important factors that play a major role in an app, specially Enterprise Apps, who invest a lot of money to develop and maintain the app and, to create an awareness in the market of their products or service they are dealing with.

What is UX and UI?

User Experience refers to, how the user of the app feels while using the app in terms of – app being user friendly, the app should not be very technical and hard to understand, it should be navigable, etc.

User Interface refers to those features that make the user come back to the app and make more use of it, in terms of – user friendly, features, the soothing colour of the app, etc.


UX and UI are of major importance for an app regardless of the app being used for Entertainment or Enterprise apps, companies that develop apps for the above mentioned platform, have to be specialised in the domain they are functioning.

Designs and features also play a major role in the apps, the other major criteria in developing an app is, it should be able to adapt to changes on a regular basis – updates, latest features and should be able to sync with the users device instantly, as well as be compatible with major devises on all the 4 platforms i.e – Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.


Deciding On A Company For App Development

It is a tough decision to be made with respect to deciding on a company to develop an app for the above platforms (Mentioned earlier). The best way to decide is to do a in-depth research on app development companies in their own cities or it can be outsourced as well. Once a few companies are shortlisted, it would be suggest-able to have a look at their portfolio of work and understand there working style, knowledge of the team in the domain, etc. and then decide to become a client for the app development company.

Regardless to say the app one wants to develop in any above mentioned domain, it is really important for the “client” to do a in-depth study on the company they wish to do business with and to do a complete background study of their portfolio, apps launches and how well are the sustaining in the market and more importantly how is it making the lives of the users better in any possible way and serving the society for good.

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