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Importance Of UX and UI for an App?
April 17, 2018
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May 16, 2018

Web Applications Are Trending – Why?

why web application is trending?

What are Web Applications?

Web Applications refers to a single server of any given company and all the data of the company is been stored on that particular application or the company server, for everyone to access it at any given time, from any place and from any device – PC, Laptop, Tabs or Smartphones. Web Applications have features like a desktop or a mobile app or a combination of both the features.

Difference Between Web Site and Web Application?

Yes, there is a difference between the two terms, web site refers to all those webpages that come under one specific domain name to provide any information for the search made on the website were a large number of web pages are available for viewing.
Web Application refers one single server or a domain of a company, where all the company related information is stored for use only by the members of the company – Company Clients, Heads and the Employees of the company.


Necessity of Web Applications and Why?

Web Applications of lately are having a great importance in the profession market, the main reasons behind companies investing hugely in web applications is easy to use and one does not have to visit different website or web pages to get information on any particular product or service of any company of their choice.

One can find all the needed information on a single web page which is owned by the company themselves or sometimes been outsources to web application development companies, for them to handle all the inbound and outbound information. It reduces the cost for the company – maintaining different servers, maintaining login id’s etc. one can track/ keep a record of people visiting the site, their actions and other relevant data, for future use of the company.

Having a single server is more reliable as well as important data of companies are secured and and be accessed for any given place since it is of their own responsibility.

Therefore, web application have become the latest trend in the market and it is suggestible for companies to have a web application of their own, in order to differentiate them from the market or the competition clutter.

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