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September 16, 2019

NativeScript 6.0 Moves to the Next Level; App Updates Debunked

The next big milestone for the framework is here and all it screams is “productivity”.

Now that the latest version of NativeScript, v6.0 is officially here, it is time to break it down and dunk all about it. So what does the new update mean? How is it going to affect app development? What are the changes it brings?

Read on to find out…

What is NativeScript?

For those newbies who are just starting out, NativeScript is an open-source framework used to develop mobile applications on Android and Apple iOS platforms. It is used to build native cross-platform mobile applications with JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular.

Top 6 changes with the v6.0

  • Faster delivery of patches

The most required key advantage in software development is the ability to deliver faster. Delivering a quick fix for your mobile app users was a thing in the past.

V6.0 addresses this with the NativeScript AppSync, which enables you to deliver a new version of the app instantly. The NativeScript AppSync promises faster delivery of patches.

Note: It is a freely available service feature still at Beta version.

  • Updated NativeScript Core theme

The NativeScript Core theme v2 provides a common UI infrastructure and helps in building a consistent, good-looking user interface. It introduces a fully-featured Dark theme with a plug and play feature.

All NativeScript components now support the NativeScript Core theme.

  • A new and improved TabView

The infamous TabView has got a complete revamp. Although it has undergone numerous changes, none of them breaks your workflow. Every component of the TabView is now styleable with font icons support. The TabView now supports multiple TabView components which are nested.

  • Font Icons Support

The limited support for Font Icons on the previous versions has been addressed in the new version update. You can now use Font Icons on special places such as TabView, ActionBar or Image components and build great-looking visuals without dealing with the quirks of the native platforms.

  • AndroidX Support

Being a major improvement to the original Android Support Library, AndroidX provides backwards-compatibility and will also be the source of future improvements for the coming Android ecosystem.

Providing support for AndroidX means, now the NativeScript developers can benefit from the latest developments like Material Design Components.

Note: If you have been using the Support Library for your apps and plugins which was prior to NativeScript 6.0, you should now upgrade to AndroidX.

  • Bundle Workflow

Prior to NativeScript 6.0, the NativeScript CLI used to support two different ways for building applications: The Bundle Workflow and the Legacy Workflow.

With the NativeScript 6.0, the NativeScript CLI will support a single unified way for building applications – the Bundled Workflow. The Legacy Workflow will not be available anymore.

Hot Module Replacement (HMR) is also enabled by default, although you can disable it by providing the ‘–no-hmr’ flag to the executed command.


With the new NativeScript, v6.0 released, it brings along a plethora of changes and updates. Formulating according to these changes and keeping up with the updates, Plusifics – the widely used event management app has been updated. With these new features and priorities, experience productivity and simplified workflow like never before.


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