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4 Ways to Make Your Event Go Viral

Everyone wants more web traffic, more followers, more content views, more likes and comments. Everybody wants their content to go viral. And when it comes to event creation and management, the more people know about it, better the rate of success.

This can be achieved by incorporating a widely used event management app for event planning. Whether it is a business event planning or a social event planning, etc. there are event management solutions provided by the all-in-one platform for event management.

#1 Consider current events and trends

Keep an eye on the current events and trends of current affairs. This is what people read, talk and gossip about on an everyday basis. Explore and find out how you can connect your event with this. Implement this content into your event and watch the free publicity do the work.

If something is current, your event content has a better chance of getting viewed, because people are searching for it. An all-in-one event management app is the best tool to research on this and integrate into the event planning.

One trick is to keep Google News and Google Trends tabs open for quick research. Another is to keep yourself updated with the happenings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and pay attention to the trending topics there as well.

#2 Keeping your event content available and shareable

Sharing content on social media is the internet’s digital equivalent of spreading something through word of mouth. Just like the word of mouth was very effective during the age of old-school traditional marketing, sharing is very much effective in this age of digital marketing.

The internet has brought people closer with the development of social media and content sharing culture. Anything and everything can be promoted and distributed with just a click of a finger. Utilize this to your maximum and positive intentions.

A widely used event management app does the work for you and helps you gain the required exposure through social media. No wonder event management applications are in much demand among the event organizers.

Some ways of gaining exposure are by emphasizing the quality of the content and make it readily available for everyone through various channels like TED or live streaming and creating a webinar on the event.

#3 Making the concept of the event uniquely innovative and emotional

Triggering of people’s emotional character goes a long way in event content marketing. There are 8 primary emotions which human beings feel. They are Joy, Trust, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Anticipation, Anger and Disgust.

Integrating these different emotions into your event content can help your event’s message and intentions resonate effectively on your target audience. When an individual connects to the message on an emotional parameter, it is easier and compelling to get associated with the event.

An event management app, that too an all-in-one platform-based, will help you connect to the right target audience in an appealing manner and makes sure the audience connects with the event all the while the content and message resonating in their mind.

Study a lot and get to know all the new and emotional concepts out there. Do not remodel things that have already been tried. Since it is easily and almost immediately recognizable by trailblazers as plagiarism.

#4 Get to know your audience and urge them to create User Generated Content

When it comes to event organizing and planning, your audiences are the kings. Communicating and interacting with them builds a sense of trust and relationship among them. Targeting the event to an active online community helps the event get escalate and go viral instantly.

Engagement is the key to making events go viral on social media and online community. User-generated content takes the engagement go beyond just sharing, making it more interactive. An all-in-one event management app identifies this, allowing the users and the audience to generate content related to the event. This gets the other users and audience to share the said user-generated content which in turns provides publicity and promotes the event online.

The more people that start sharing user-generated content, the wider reach for your event campaign. Give the power into the hands of your target audience. Get powerful influencers to act and promote your events.

Final Words

Event management can be tricky and hassling for event creators and planners. The all-in-one event management app understands this and makes even used event creation and planning as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Plusifics-the widely used event management app is one of the best apps in the market. Being an all-in-one platform for event management, it is a boon for event managers and planners. It acts as stand-alone and go-to applications for all your event management needs. Discover Plusifics and experience work-flow and productivity like never before. Download today and manage events on the go, at the tip of your fingers.

For more information regarding Plusifics-the widely used event management app, check out Happy event planning and managing!



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